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PressValue = Customer Service

September 5, 2017

Value – A Great Perspective

A few days ago I posted in the Facebook Heartrepreneurs group how I add value.
That was a step outside my “comfort zone.”

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Most there knew nothing about me, many still don’t because they didn’t read it. Many may have chosen not to read it because I started off with….I’m not currently a business owner.

To be honest, I believe they lost. Lost the message I was stating. We know the awesome Lady that keeps telling us we must add value, value, value. She is 100% correct, but as I stated there…I have a very different, unique perspective.

Value can be translated as customer service, just on different levels.

The goal of ANY business is to get, maintain and grow your customer base.

How do you do that?

Well, you don’t get it by refusing to steam a portion of broccoli for a customer in your restaurant due to dietary restrictions. That restaurant lost a lotta business since they refused to go outside the lines.
Every Heart-repreneur® does not like staying inside the lines..the “comfort zone.” If you did, why did you start your own business?? Because what you were doing was uncomfortable, even painful, for you.

So what about customer service…value?

When I was self-employed in construction..just me…I interacted directly with my customers. If they were not happy, I wasn’t happy for two reasons. First, I let them down somehow. Second, I wouldn’t get paid and all my jobs were at least 50% underpriced from what they should have been.

For me, customer service was personal and had a direct impact. If I did not provide VALUE my income went down.

Often, I went beyond the contract to satisfy the customer. Did I have to? No!

BUT, I knew doing that would take the customer from…its ok…to…wow that’s great Tim. I love it. And their friends would be told. So my customer numbers increased.

I added VALUE.

Listen to your customers. Yes, there are some things that are a no-go period, but many can be adjusted. Talk with them. Get to know them. If you truly listen, they will tell YOU what parts are flexible, must have, or would be really nice.

Yes, most of you are in a different league than I am, but that doesn’t mean I’m a dummy. Don’t be a snob. I do have a brain and I understand some things that some of you never will. Not mind works differently than yours does.

I “met” Terri about three years ago and began to know about her. She literally changed my life. Being the awesome teacher she is, she gave me guidance..but not the answer.

As I learned about her, I could have had a discriminatory attitude about her….

Oh, look at her..Miss Priss with her money. Such a snob. Compared to her I’m dirt.
However, right from the beginning, she added value for me. It was customer service principles applied to a person.

She showed me, proved to me that she cared. You know what Terri got out of us becoming Facebook friends? Loyalty. Honesty. Love.

In case you haven’t noticed loyalty is also a factor in customer service at all levels.

People can go anywhere with their money…let them walk if they choose.

However, if you add value, treat them as a valued person, you will have a loyal customer for life.

Do you want to treat me like dirt because I’m beneath you? Go ahead. Remember this…without plants grow and no animals can graze…what will you eat??

Contributing Author: Tim James

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