7 Quick And Effective Ways To Get More Referrals

7 Quick And Effective Ways To Get More Referrals


Obtaining referrals can be a challenging task and is often cited as the biggest hurdle to business growth. The lack of effective referral strategies is often the main culprit behind businesses struggling to obtain referrals from their customers. While there are various methods of getting more referrals, some are more effective than others. To achieve rapid business growth, it’s crucial to implement quick, easy, and sustainable referral methods.

In this episode, Dr. Terri Levine shares valuable insights into some of the most effective ways to obtain referrals, helping you take your business to the next level. With her expertise, you can learn how to scale your business to six figures in less than six months, using tried and tested quick and effective referral methods. 

Tune in to discover powerful referral strategies that will take your business to new heights.

Key Highlights From The Episode;

[0:22] Today’s topic: 7 quick ways to get more referrals 

[1:33] #1 Put up a sign if you have a physical location, put a notice at the end of every email, post on your social media platforms, and give rewards to your referral sources

[2:20] #2 Send a letter

[2:42] #3 Give referrals 

[3:17] #4 Send a thank-you gift 

[3:54] #5 Holding a client appreciation day

[4:28] #6 Ask for referrals 

[4:37] #7 Do a promotion with a non-profit organization

 Golden Nuggets:

  • “When you refer others, you get more referrals.” [2:44]
  • Having your clients refer to you is free and allows you to get the exact client family members you want. [0:47]

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Full Transcript:

Hey, it’s Dr. Terri Levine here. Welcome back to The Modern Coaching Method podcast, where I actually help you in very, very brief little segments to create more success in your business, more influence, more engagement, more income, and more impact. All right. Today, we’re going to talk about seven quick ways to get more referrals. Now, if you’re watching this episode, and you haven’t seen the one before this, make sure you go back and watch that one because it will truly, truly help you. All right, let’s take a look at it. People always want to get referrals. I’ve had a referral-based coaching business for 31 years now. And it really works magically. I don’t have to go hunt for client family members. And I get referred the exact client family members that I really want. And these are not only ideal, it doesn’t cost me a dime to have my clients refer to me.

It’s not just the fact that I am able to get more like-minded perfect clients in fact, and not have to invest in money and marketing, it’s that these client family members are so ideal. They let me do what I do best; help these clients make six figures in six months guaranteed. And my client family members know that I will take really, really good care of anyone they refer to me just the way I take good care of my client family members. So, let me get right to the point. How are we going to generate referrals for you? Because its all about you, it’s not about me. Okay, first of all, if you have a physical location, put a sitemap, right? Yeah, Referrals are the lifeblood of my business,” something like that. At the end of every email, you can say that. You can say it in your Facebook group, your LinkedIn group.

You can give something away when people refer. It can be anything that you want, it can be money, it can be a gift, it can be some of your time. One of my client family members gave a free consult to the person that the client is referring, and also gave the client a really free consult where they could truly help that client get to their goals even sooner faster, that increased their referrals by 27%, just that one strategy. The second thing is you can actually send a letter. Yeah, I am talking about a letter that gets put in an envelope and gets snail mailed. And you send it to your clients, and you typically do this about once a quarter.

And you ask them who do they know that would be perfect to join your program or have your products or services. The third one most people don’t think of, when you refer to others, you get more referrals. Now, I refer to people I know, like, and trust. I refer to my current client family members who I know, like, and trust. I refer to people that I’ve hired. And very often, there’s this reciprocal arrangement. Now, I don’t do it for the reciprocal arrangement, and I don’t do it for an affiliate fee, I do it because I choose to refer. Just like you have a great meal, or you see a great movie, you don’t have to be incentivized to tell your friends about that, right? All right. The next one is, send a thank you gift.

Pick up the phone, first of all, when someone refers and let them know that they’re a very special friend of your business and you appreciate them. And use the telephone — not hiding behind email, or messenger, or anything like that — and send a small gift. It could be anything; an Amazon gift card, Starbucks, it could be a book, it could be movie certificates, a dinner, a spa, it depends. Now, I tend to give away pretty high-level gifts just because I prefer that. However, when you’re first starting out, give anything, just a token of your appreciation. The fifth one is huge. And that is holding once a year, once every six months, even once a quarter, a client appreciation day where you actually invite your clients to come to a luncheon, or a breakfast, or a dinner, or a seminar and you give them tickets for three to five of their guests.

One of my client family members followed that to the tee. She had 40 people attend, and 10 of them became new client family members. So, give that one some thought. The next one is like the, Duh, I could have had a VA.” You have to ask for referrals, I know that this sounds so basic, of course. In my experience, most people don’t ask enough or often enough. And then, number seven. You can do a promotion with a nonprofit, and say, Hey, I want to give X percent to this nonprofit.” And, in my experience, sometimes with nonprofits, I’ve given away the entire amount. Why? While I’m not making anything potentially on the front end, very often, I will on the back end so it’s kind of a loss leader.

It’s plenty of ideas for generating referrals. If you want a referral-based business, subscribe to the Modern Coaching Method podcast and go watch The Masterclass, the free training. The link is right here. I’ll see you over there. Bye now.

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