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BlogWhat is Brand Marketing and Does Your Small Business Need It?

September 1, 2015

Brand Marketing – What is Branding In Marketing?

Watch the video below “Terri Levine explains Marketing and Branding”

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As a virtual mentor I often get asked, “What is the difference between branding and marketing?” I also get asked if as a small business you need to do both branding and marketing. My answers… a small business must do both.  I also say ‘ YES’ branding and marketing aremarketingandbranding.jpeg  300x300 - What is Brand Marketing and Does Your Small Business Need It? very different and you must utilize both to create business growth.  Certainly your business needs brand marketing. So, how are they different?


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Guerrilla Marketing

Marketing creates an instant ROI.  Marketing does that because it promotes your company’s products and services.  When products and services are shared others can find your business.  Once your business has visibility, through marketing, then prospects can discover your business and then purchase whatever you sell. Marketing puts your company into existence for potential buyers.  As a Master Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach, I use marketing tactics to bring your small business more qualified prospects by use of a Guerilla Marketing Plan and Guerilla Marketing Calendar.



Branding, on the other hand is a way for people to know who you are, and what your company’s mission, vision and values are.  Your brand speaks to what your business stands for as well as what your business stands against.

Bigger companies have budgets for branding. Pepsi, Apple, Budweiser… can spend money because they have Logo top brand 300x276 - What is Brand Marketing and Does Your Small Business Need It?branding budgets for this purpose.

As a small business you won’t have the ability to get the same brand recognition, yet branding marketing is still important. While branding doesn’t have an instant return on investment, all your marketing efforts – if you are following Guerrilla Marketing and using your creativity and imagination and energy to market – won’t cost you a lot of money and should still have a return on investment.

Think of branding as the way to get your company known so people can learn about your products and services. They might not actually be in the market for them yet.  They are becoming aware of what your company stands for and who you are in the marketplace all through branding marketing.

If you’re not using a virtual mentor, who is a Master Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Coach and really excels at marketing, consider hiring one. If you don’t yet have a Guerrilla Marketing Plan and a Guerrilla Marketing Calendar filled with strategies and tactics then it’s time to get yours.  You can get yours at  We are always happy to gift strategy sessions to small business owners who are considering our services.

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