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BlogWhen Is It The Right Time To Hire A Marketing Agency?

January 11, 2016


How To Know If Your Business Needs a Marketing Agency

Have you ever thought about hiring a marketing agency?  Unsure if you should spend the money? How do you decide if this is a good investment or if you are throwing out money? Is having a marketing agency a good return on investment for your small business?

There are so many decisions you need to make when you own a small business and you want to grow your business. You might be unsure how to grow your business. If your revenues and profits are flat, or even worse if they are down, you may think it’s time to look into outsourcing your marketing.

When is it the right time to hire a marketing agency?

I recommend marketing agencies if your business revenues are declining or stagnant or if you or your company doesn’t have a good sales team or process. If your business lacks a solid marketing plan that is also a sign to look into a marketing agency.

Another option you can take is to hire a marketing consultant instead. Let me clarify the difference between a marketing agency and a marketing consultant. A marketing agency, also called a marketing firm, specializes in bringing your product or service to market. A marketing consultant analyzes consumer behavior and motivates consumers using strategies that improve business. Marketing consultants are best when you need focused tasks as part of your overall marketing strategy, while marketing agencies are better for multiple tasks and overall marketing support and management.

Other Types of Marketing You May Choose To Invest In

In addition to a marketing agency or marketing consultant you might want to consider investing in a speciality marketing company and a digital marketing agency. All of these possibility I consider investments as they should bring your business a return on investment and increase your company’s revenues and profits.

You might look into using a speciality marketing company if you want to have your company’s promotional message printed on small items like magnets, calendars, cups, journals, or other giveaways that serve as reminders to customers and potential customers of your products and services and have your contact information printed on them.

A digital marketing agency is who you would turn to if you want help communicating your company’s message, both on-line and off-line.  Usually a digital marketing agency will specialize in graphic design, copywriting and web development and design and many also do social media content creation.  They can create letters, post cards, email campaigns and handle all your written and digital communications.

Keep in mind no matter which of the marketing experts you hire the goal is to invest wisely so you generate a return on your investment.


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