Avoid Constant Setbacks as a Coach or Consultant

Avoid Constant Setbacks as a Coach or Consultant


Understanding your identity is the cornerstone to unlocking your potential as a coach or consultant. In this episode, Dr. Levine outlines the dichotomy between successful coaches who regularly meet their goals, and those grappling with relentless setbacks.

What’s the recipe for success? It’s embedded in adhering to a proven blueprint. Dr. Terri Levine accentuates the cruciality of following a methodical approach, one that’s been tested and refined over time. Imagine it as your step-by-step roadmap, effectively guiding you towards your objectives.

For those coaches or consultants persistently challenged by setbacks, Dr. Terri Levine has curated a masterclass. This class is equipped to impart transformative insights and actionable strategies that turn the tide, leading struggling coaches and consultants onto the path of success.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:42] What’s in for you in today’s episode; Identifying yourself 

[00:54] The tale of two different kinds of business owners

[01:01] Characteristics of a successful business owner

[01:30] Characteristics of unsuccessful business owners 

[03:35] What can a struggling business owner do to become successful?

Golden Nuggets:

  • Successful business owners follow a proven game plan [02:41]

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Full Transcript:

Hey there. Hello, and welcome back to Done For You: Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. I’m Dr. Terri Levine. And today, in this short episode, I want you to identify yourself, be really honest. I’m going to talk about the tale of two different kinds of business owners, and I want you to decide which one you are. One of the business owners is passionate about their business. And actually, I’m going to say both of them are. So, are you passionate about whatever it is you do? Now, are you the business owner who has a mentor, or coach, or consultant who actually has proven methods that they share with you allowing you to create maximum impact, maximum influence, and income?

The one with a very clear path who has qualified prospects coming to them every single day, and the prospects are ready to buy whatever they’re selling? Or, are you the one who’s constantly hunting for clients, constantly saying you don’t have enough money for X, Y, Z, you don’t have enough money for a mentor or consultant or coach, you’re struggling to stay in business, you’re constantly posting all over social media, you’re messaging on social media, you go to networking events, you blog, you podcast, constantly create content, do PowerPoints, send out emails, and you hope, and hope, and hope that some of these strategies might bring you the clients and the income that you truly desire?

The one who’s spending time and energy on things that don’t work, wasting money on ads that aren’t effective, and trying every marketing tactic, learning pitches, closes, and scripts, doing endless sales calls or complimentary demo sessions, chasing shiny objects, and hoping that something is going to work for you. Well, you know the one I’m talking about, right? The one who is bouncing from one strategy to the next, hoping for the magical one that is going to work. Wondering every day, “Where is the money going to come from?”

Now, meanwhile, the other business owner is following a proven game plan. They’re taking a few minor simple daily actions that are actually fun, actions that are effective, take a few minutes a day, and they have qualified prospects every single day. So, you’ve got one who’s flourishing, one who’s overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused. If you find yourself relating to the coach, consultant, business owner who isn’t making the income they desire and the income that they actually do deserve, and not making the transformation that they truly want to do, and kind of feeling like they’re not successful — and you only know which one you are — but if you’re the one who’s wondering every day where everything is going to come from, and maybe feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, there’s a very simple fix for you.

So, I just put a masterclass together just for you, and this is going to make your business run on autopilot. The link is here. Go ahead, join me now, I am truly here to help you. And make sure that you subscribe, and that you don’t miss any of our episodes. All right. See you on the other side in the master class. Bye for now.

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