Marketing Lessons from Alexander the Great

Marketing Lessons from Alexander the Great


In this captivating episode, Dr. Terri Levine shares five invaluable lessons from the legendary Alexander the Great that you can apply to help you build a massive and engaged audience. These time-tested principles offer a unique and insightful perspective on how to foster a loyal and engaged following in today’s digital landscape.

In the first lesson, Dr. Terri emphasizes the importance of forging a group identity. Just as Alexander made his troops feel he was one of them, she advises us to show our audience that we are one of them by using their language, sharing their inside jokes, and genuinely listening to their needs.

The second lesson reminds us to provide the unwavering support system our audience needs. Like a true leader, you’ll learn how to encourage your audience to be their best selves, recognize their achievements, and offer a helping hand whenever possible. This way, you’ll make them feel special and valued.

Stay tuned as Dr. Terri Levine unveils the remaining lessons and learn practical strategies for building a loyal and engaged audience.

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:39] Today’s Focus: 5 Lessons from Alexander the Great that we can apply to building an audience

[01:07] #1 Build a group identity 

[01:34] #2 Support your followers 

[02:04] #3 Find a common enemy

[02:48] #4 Fight on the front line

[03:26] #5 Share your gains

Golden Nuggets:

  • When building your audience, show them that you are one of them by using their language, sharing their inside jokes, and listening to them. [01:23] 
  • Encourage your audience to become better, recognize their achievements, help them whenever you can, make them feel special, and show that you care for them. [01:50]  
  • To give back to your audience, provide value for free, reply to comments, answer questions when you receive direct messages, and offer them something in exchange for their support. [03:42]

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Full Transcript:

Welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. Dr. Terri Levine here. And today, I’m going to give you a lesson from Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great taught me this. No, I’m not crazy, and no, I don’t have the ability to talk with spirits. However, I did research some of Alexander’s accomplishments, and there are some lessons that we can take from him, and literally, apply to building an audience. So if you don’t believe me, I want you to check out five lessons that I pulled from Alexander the Great.

The first lesson is build a group identity. Alexander used the simple language of his soldiers and had a hypnotic influence on all who heard him. So, what’s the lesson? The lesson is show your audience that you are one of them. Use their language, use their inside jokes, and listen to them. Secret number two from Alexander the Great is support your followers. He used to encourage his people for their excellence in battle in ways that actually brought out greater excellence. He was an empathetic listener. Lesson: Encourage your audience to become better, recognize their successes, and help them every time that you can. Make them feel special and make them feel cared for.

Lesson number three: Find a common enemy. I use that word loosely. For Alexander the Great and his Greek army, it was the Persians, and having this common enemy, and we could use that loosely again, made his army feel united. So, lesson is to find a common, quote-unquote, ‘enemy.’ And I mean a concept or a trend. So, when you see an account posting like college is a scam, or working nine to five sucks, or TikTok’s going to melt your brain, or whatever, what they’re actually doing is creating a common enemy. And everyone who thinks the same will get in line and support them.

Number four: Fight on the front line. Alexander always fought alongside his troops, unlike most leaders of his time. He even led the charge on many occasions. What’s the lesson there? Built in public. Share your wins, your losses, your perceived failures, your lessons. Show them that you actually do the things that you’re talking about. Imagine if you are a fitness coach or consultant and you lead the charge, you show your own progress at the gym, you show what you eat. Maybe you even show that you do fail sometimes. Lesson number five is share your gains. Alexander was sure to always respect the honor of his loyal followers.

He was generous with the amount of wealth and political power that his army accumulated. What’s the lesson there? Give back. Do giveaways, provide value for free, reply to comments, answer questions when you get DMs, and such. Be grateful that you have followers and then give them something in exchange for their support. These lessons are lessons you can take from one of the greatest leaders of all time, And today, we can go out, we can conquer the world, but we’re not going to literally conquer the world, right? Instead, let’s work on building a massive engaged audience.

So, I’m signing off from Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants today as Terri, the not-so-great.

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