How to Build a Powerful Reverse Marketing Ecosystem

How to Build a Powerful Reverse Marketing Ecosystem


Imagine having a marketing ecosystem where customers come to you, drawn by the irresistible pull of your content. That’s the magic of reverse marketing! Tune in to this eye-opening podcast episode with Dr. Terri Levine, where she unravels the secrets of building an effective reverse marketing ecosystem for your business.

Dr. Terri breaks down the process into clear steps for listeners to follow. Step #1 involves joining relevant communities, which allows you to connect with the right audience. Step #2 is about crafting valuable content that grabs people’s attention. Moreover, Terri underscores what not to do while building your reverse marketing ecosystem.

Your journey to a thriving reverse marketing strategy starts here! Tune in!

Key Highlights From The Episode: 

[00:34] Episode introduction

[00:52] How to build an effective reverse marketing ecosystem

[01:03] Step #1 Join relevant communities

[01:17] Step #2 Create valuable content that will get people’s attention 

[02:14] Things you should not do when building a reverse marketing ecosystem

[03:26] Get a copy of The Conversion Equation and learn the four steps to do reverse marketing

[04:00] Get help;

Golden Nuggets:

  • Just one piece of valuable content can bring you a ton of prospective client family members [01:57]
  • When creating valuable content for your clients, focus on providing content that will help them deal with the challenges and frustrations they go through every single day [02:28]

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Full Transcript:

Welcome back to Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. And I’m here to help you grow your coaching or consulting business; giving you free tips, tools, and strategies. Make sure you’ve subscribed. And I love your five-star reviews and when you share the show. All right. Now, let’s talk about your first step in creating an ecosystem of people who will be raising their hands excited to have your programs, products, and services. The first thing you want to do is join relevant communities. I don’t care if it’s on LinkedIn, Facebook, networking groups, online, offline. When you’re in those communities, don’t start pitching people. Really create some content that will get people’s attention. Massive value posts, tips, tools, being detailed in your answers.

Sometimes, it could be a story that you share, it could be a video story, it could be a survey, it could be a case study of a successful client family member. Any of these things work, and this is what I personally use every single day to get hand raises. I might ask at a group, “If you’re a new author, what’s stopping you from selling 300 copies of your book?” Just making that up off the cuff. Just one question, comment, video, audio that has value can bring you a ton of hand raises of prospective client family members. And when you stay consistent and follow this method, you’re going to get a lot of hand raises.

Now, we have to discuss what not to do. Don’t go promote a bunch of stuff, drop a bunch of links, spam people, constantly put in a call to action. So, let me tell you how I come up with the right ideas and how my client family members do it. We step into the shoes, the minds, and the hearts of our client family members. We come up with all their frustrations, their fears. What is it that they are dealing with every single day? Then, we can come up with a list of everything they want; all their dreams, all their aspirations, the things they don’t have just yet. Next, we come up with all the mistakes they probably made; social media marketing that didn’t work, closing, pitching and calls to action, hiring the wrong fake experts, all of that stuff.

And then, I also like to write down all the myths that they believe in. What are the things that they think that has to happen in order for them to be successful? From that, you can then create content that captures their attention. And you can follow my conversion equation. If you didn’t get a copy of the book, go to your favorite bookseller, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, whatever it might be, and get a copy of ‘The Conversion Equation,’ because I teach you the four steps to actually do reverse marketing and get hand raises, how to actually interrupt your target audience, how to engage them, then how to provide the right education, and then how to make a no or low-cost offer.

So, that’s the methodology, it works, it works, it works. Let me know how it’s working for you. And if you want some help, just go over to Heartrepreneur agency. Schedule a time, and my team or I will review your digital marketing assets, we’ll give you some tips and some tools. I’m here to help and to serve. Tune in next time here at Digital Marketing for Coaches & Consultants. Bye now.

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